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Nuit Blanche (via The jelly)

NuitĀ Blanche Counting down to Nuit Blanche. Nuit Blanche is an exciting "cultural all-nighter" presenting contemporary art events from dusk to dawn. It enlivens cities all round the world such as Paris, Berlin and Toronto, and 2010 is the debut for Reading. This first year will be a small but magical series of indoor and outdoor events on the night of 15/16 October. The Nuit Blanche Reading website will list the program organised by partners OpenHand OpenSpac … Read More

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The Tea Party (the alabama whirly version)

As you can see in the post below (or over here) we had a fab time at the party but like every event there are pictures that cause multi amusement so in honour of my wonderful and crazy friends here is an alternative version of the evening.

an early start in the drink department

Mel found the only over sized deckchair

stirring up the witches brew

celebrity spotting, from The Knitter, Simply Knitting and Knit on the Net - there's a theme there!

some knitters

the deluxe mannequin with realistic looking legs

Okay, putting my hands up – we had so much fun, just really wish you could have all been here.

Next time?

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The Tea Party (via The jelly)

I loved the tea party, but now I’ll have to do an alternative version… watch this space!

The Tea Party Last weeks tea party was wonderful, we managed to haul 24 deckchairs from the Forbury to make up the numbers of seating already borrowed from Picnic and our own chairs, bake an excessively large number of cakes, lay out the china, stroke yarn hand dyed locally by Skein Queen, see the first prints of the new book, Vintage Gifts to Knit by Susan Crawford, marvel at Felix's marvellous Tea Museum, try on Emma Bradbury's new pieces and scatter Patchwo … Read More

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Cake………. and other lovely things

It’s almost here, only one more sleep and then we’ll be be-decking the jelly artpad with deckchairs and bunting, unpacking the new book, getting the china out and putting on our tea party outfits.

So to get you in the mood here’s a small jelly to warm your appetite up.

jelly, Kate Kessling


We’re putting the finishing touches to things tonight, waiting for Susan to arrive from Liverpool and see the brand new book for the first time. You can get a sneaky preview right here. There are so many designs from the book I already love and I am overly excited that the skating skirt Susan created by my constant badgering is included too – so we can all have ice skating skirts – everyone needs one. I can’t wait to see Susan’s shots of the skirt and her styling, probably better then my pigeon toed interpretation.

So apologies here is another gratuitous skating skirt shot….

I particularly love the new mens sock pattern ‘Father’s new socks’ ~ I love them to bits and wish that my dad would wear them but it may be too hot where he lives and I think I’d cry if I made them for my OH, yes he would love them but he wouldn’t get that he couldn’t wear them under his steel toe caps on stage work so maybe I’ll have them instead.

bottles from Patchwork Vintage

The china is already there ready and waiting, some is my family china – passed down from a Great Aunt and some is being lent to us by the wonderful Patchwork Vintage . They rent out china and are sponsoring our event for the book launch. They are so very lovely and generous and there will also be some of their handmade gorgeous textiles on display too.

tea set, Patchwork Vintage


I am having butterflies already about the event, you know the good kind that I always get before a preview: what if no-one comes, what if more people come then we have tea cups for, what if I forget my outfit, what if I forget the door key, what if I oversleep (really I should make 5pm!), < typically ridiculous stuff but oh so very normal for me.

So instead I will think about all the good things like seeing friends again, making new friends and seeing all the goodness that Skein Queen will be bringing with her.

So on that note I’ll remind you to not forget to come for tea, see you tomorrow, I’d better go and rustle up an outfit (and maybe I’ll pack it now just in case…)

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Do you fancy a cup of tea?

I am inordinately excited, I know that my friends will say that is quite a usual state of mind for me but something very thrilling is happening/ going to happen and I have barely had time to tell you between getting ready for Town Centre Day, visiting studios, installing shows, doing a photo shoot (for this project here), trying to fit in knitting, trying not to have a hissy fit as knitting goes wrong, remembering to get kids to where they need to be AND remembering to pick them up again. That is quite a list so here’s a visual to show you what I am excited about:

Tea Party

None of it would be possible without all my amazing friends who are running round negotiating urns, cups, china, designing posters, rustling up pom pom signage, getting deckchairs from the civic gardens, smiling at my request for astro turf and then there are the VIP guests Susan Crawford and the Skein Queen.

I hope you can come and make it, it’d be lovely to see you – dress as you wish, I am secretly hoping that it’s tea party style…………

Finally a happy knitting picture, rippleseas armwarmers for whirly when we are surfing or to give them their real working title “whirlys surfygirlreallylongarmwarmers”. I may have to re-think that title but it says what it is.

whirlys surfygirlreallylongarmwarmers

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We have some very interesting friends

Lately we have been visiting studios, openings, art things and the such every day. Today was no different as a day, we went to visit the Kesslings but there is always something slightly different going on there.

So today we saw a cat in the pram

a cat in a pram

(no cats were harmed in the taking of this)

The cat in the pram was in the newly finished beautiful house; a house with an astro turf hallway and amazing natural light. The house that had visitors viewing works in the Open Studios and studying girls preparing for exams and younger girls playing the recorder so it was probably just a normal day in the beautiful house filled with beautiful artwork with a beautiful family, a dog, a cat and a picture by my friend Jo, a memory from the Art Fair.

So now I find my children inspired by the post-it note revision almost installation type event and I’ll suddenly be learning a lot more every time I move around our house but in the meantime I want to finish the owl jumper making started yesterday for whirly (here’s one I made last year for someone else) and the surfygirlarmwarmers (pictures to follow).

right, off to find those post-it notes notes

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